How an MMS Science Teacher Spent Her Summer Vacation

Merriwether Middle School science teacher, Mrs. Rewa Milton took advantage of an opportunity to better engage her students in learning by attending the 2017 Science P.L.U.S. Institute in Greenville, SC. The institute is a weeklong workshop designed for science educators who want to create a “hands on” environment for students in class. During this week long experience teachers learn new teaching strategies to capture the students’ curiosity and enthusiasm for learning science. The institute also provides opportunities for teachers to gain confidence in bringing the new strategies to their students. Roper Mountain Science Center serves all of South Carolina.

Mrs. Milton has attended the P.L.U.S. Institute for three years and plans to apply again in the future. “I really enjoyed my time at Roper Mountain. In addition to networking and collaborating with teachers across the state, we also receive hundreds of dollars’ worth of materials for our classes,” stated Mrs. Milton. She was able to attend two P.L.U.S. Institutes during her summer break this year. Mrs. Milton attended Makerspace 6th-8th and Animals and Plants 6. Mrs. Milton described Makerspace as, “a place where students can share resources, create, network and build.” This creates a learning environment which generates questions, embraces curiosity and risk-taking in accordance with Edgefield County Schools goals for students.

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Pictured left to right: Mayson Miller, Graclynn Sherlock, Christian Hazel, Gwen Riley, Trevor Bafford, Bryson Jacovino, Kamari Rancher.
Photo Caption: Mrs. Milton’s students are enthusiastic about science.