Utilizing Flexible Learning Spaces


Teachers at Merriwether Middle School are personalizing learning for students. One way that they are doing this is through the utilization of flexible learning environments.

Mrs. Kaeli Findley, a 6th grade math teacher, allows her students to choose what type of seating they would like to sit on during her class time. “I chose to use flexible seating in order to meet the needs of my students. Some students work better closer to the board seated in a small group environment on a bean bag. Some students work better in a quiet area on a pillow by themselves. Flexible seating gives power to my students by allowing them to choose a seat that works for them and helps them to focus best. The success of my students can be tied to their own investment in selecting a seating choice that promotes learning,” said Mrs. Findley.

Flexible seating in a classroom allows students to find a comfortable place to work beyond the typical hard chair and desk. Alex McMahon shared, “It is very comfortable. It helps you from moving too much.” Research says that students who are more comfortable tend to be calm and more productive with their learning. “It helps me focus when I am struggling because I get to be open and free,” excitedly stated Kasey Roey.