Merriwether Middle School Welcomes New Teacher

The MMS family is happy to welcome a new sixth grade teacher to the fold. Ms. Kaeli Findley, comes to MMS as a first year teacher having graduated from Lander University in May, 2017.

Ms. Findley brings a great deal of experience to her classroom. She is a South Carolina Teaching Fellow which gives her over 180 hours of specialized educational volunteer work. Her experience includes tutoring in a Hispanic center in Greenwood, SC called La Puerta. Her student teaching was done at Johnston Elementary in a fifth grade math and science class.

Ms. Findley is also a brand new mother. The Findley’s welcomed Wylee Kate into their family who was born just two months ago.

Ms. Findley teaches Math at MMS. Ms. Findley enjoys challenging her students to be creative. This week her classes will be inventing ways to remember their divisibility rules by creating a cheer, a rap or other mnemonic devices. This is how Ms. Findley’s class constructs new learning.

With all the challenges of being a new mother and a new teacher Ms. Findley can still say, “I love teaching at MMS because the administration and faculty do everything possible to help me be successful in my classroom. My students are so full of energy, making it fun to come to my job every single day.”

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Pictured from left to right: Jake Riley, Jack Medina


Jake and Jack test their new math rap.